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Legal Matters

Analog Inference takes privacy and IP ownership seriously. We take care with any personal data that we collect, and comply with all regulations and laws regarding it. We protect our IP through various mechanisms including patents, trade secrets and copyrights. We correspondingly honor IP ownership of others and comply with all terms of use and license requirements.

Vishal has been leading teams creating ground-breaking technology in  analog/slc/mlc/tlc/qlc non-volatile memory, associative memory compute architectures for network processors, analog & in-memory compute processors for AI, at such companies as Micron, Fast-Chip, Information Storage Devices, SST/Microchip, and National Semiconductor. He has successfully built product lines with over billion dollars in revenue. Vishal holds over 100 patents, an MSEE from University of Michigan and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

3rd Party Software Licenses

The table below lists the Analog Inference SDK modules and any relevant 3rd party components that embedded or associated with each module. Links are provided to the license terms for each module. Analog Inference is not party to creating or enforcing the license terms as dictated by the respective owners of each 3rd party software module.

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