Analog Inference has assembled a team with deep technology expertise in analog/mixed signal design, non-volatile memory technology, CPUs, and AI Silicon at leading semiconductor companies. Collectively they have more than 50 successful tape-outs and have created market-changing semiconductor solutions worth billions of dollars.





Vishal has been leading teams creating ground-breaking technology in  analog/slc/mlc/tlc/qlc non-volatile memory, associative memory compute architectures for network processors, analog & in-memory compute processors for AI, at such companies as Micron, Fast-Chip, Information Storage Devices, SST/Microchip, and National Semiconductor. He has successfully built product lines with over billion dollars in revenue. Vishal holds over 100 patents, an MSEE from University of Michigan and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Carey has been involved in the AI accelerator business since the beginning. He was employee #1 At Nervana Systems, where he led the hardware engineering of a novel AI training chip. After Intel acquired Nervana, Carey led the full-stack engineering of Intel's data-center AI products (both training and inference), and then moved to be the VP/GM in charge of the training product line. Prior to Intel/Nervana, Carey had a variety of management and engineering roles at startups and big silicon companies after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS and an MS.

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